Why Lead a School Trip?


Enrich Your Teaching Experience

Traveling with your students adds additional context and substance to classroom material, and reinforces concepts learned throughout the school year. Traveling provides an amazing opportunity to engage in experiential learning and discussion based teaching.

Promote Life Long Learning

You know that learning is a lifelong, ongoing process that does not end when you leave the classroom. Traveling with your students makes a bold statement about your enthusiasm for learning, for finding opportunities to grow in understanding, and for engaging with the world around you.

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Expose Students to New Environments

Traveling is a constant teacher. Students not only experience a new city, but also many new situations, such as staying in a hotel with classmates and traveling by bus. Students often gain maturity, self-confidence, and independence as they adapt to these new environments.  Traveling is an amazing opportunity to promote the personal development of your students.

Give Experiential Learners a Chance to Soar

Most people learn best through a combination of auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles. Students who are strongly kinesthetic (experiential) learners will thrive on an educational trip as they experience the classroom material first-hand.

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