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Motor Coach Bus Virtual Tour for Educational School Trips

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motor coach bus virtual tour

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What does the inside of a motor coach bus look like?  Is there overhead compartment space? Is there a bathroom?

See the inside of a motor coach bus with the motor coach bus virtual tour offered by Klein Transportation .

Motor coach buses offer comfortable transportation for school groups to destinations around the country. Travel in style and enjoy the luxury of cushioned seats, arm rests, and overhead compartment space. Students will enjoy passing the time watching movies en route to their destination on the televisions located throughout the motor coach. Some motor coaches even offer WiFi and electrical outlets to charge devices. While a restroom is located on board, we strongly recommend use only in emergency situations.

Scholastica Travel will charter a motor coach bus for your school trip and include it as part of the student travel package. Please check with your school administration if an approved motor coach vendor list exists for your school district. Share this list with your travel consultant in the early stages of trip planning.

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