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School Travel Guidelines: 3 Questions to Ask in Advance

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School Travel Guidelines

Planning a school trip?

First, confirm your school travel guidelines. Some school districts have restrictions or pre-approved lists in place that are best to know in advance of detailed trip planning.

School Travel Guidelines: Overnight Travel

Does your school and/or school district permit overnight travel? 

This is a critical consideration when planning a school trip. In the interest of your time, it is best to confirm this with your school district in advance. There is no need to consider details for a trip that will not meet approval!

If your school travel guidelines permit an overnight trip, your destination options are increased considerably. If not, take heart! Many options exist for day trips, especially if your school is open to leaving early in the morning and returning late in the evening.

School Travel Guidelines: Approved Motorcoach List

Does your school and/or school district have an approved bus or motorcoach list?

Check if your school has a list of motorcoach companies that have been pre-approved by your school district. Some school districts require motorcoach companies to fill out an application, submit a certificate of insurance and additional documentation, and/or undergo an inspection by a school official.

It is best to know if this list exists in advance of requesting a proposal for your school trip. The Scholastica Travel team will check travel date availability with these motorcoach companies and provide more accurate pricing for your school trip.

School Travel Guidelines: Approved Vendor List

Does your school and/or school district have an approved travel vendor list?

Confirm if your school has a list of approved travel vendors prior to planning a school trip. If needed, the Scholastica Travel team is happy to submit all necessary documentation to your school district. Some approval processes can take a long time to complete, so it is best to let us know as early as possible if an application is needed.

Happy planning!

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