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5 Awesome Ways to Celebrate a Birthday on a School Trip

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Is a teacher or student celebrating their birthday during the school trip? Make the experience even more memorable by adding a little festive fun to your trip!

Breakfast Bash

Start the day off right! Bring a┬ácandle from home and add it to a muffin or stack of pancakes at breakfast. Have the breakfast table sing “Happy Birthday” to make the student or teacher feel extra special.


Birthday Treat Bag

Leave a treat bag in the student’s room as a nice surprise after touring. Fill a treat bag with snack items to share with roommates (candy, granola bars, etc.) Bring the bag from home or fill it while you are on tour.


Post Card Memory

Pick up a post card from a site you visit on the student’s birthday. Pass the card around the motor coach for the whole class to sign. It will be a nice reminder of their special day!


Group Photo

Hold up a sign saying “Happy Birthday [Student’s Name]” and take a group photo or selfie. What a great picture to share of their celebration!


Surprise Song

Arrange for the celebrating student or teacher to be the last one to board the motor coach. Prepare everyone to sing in the meantime. Sing “Happy Birthday” together as they step aboard the motor coach! Decorate their bus seat for a little extra flair.


Have fun making this a fantastic celebration! Your students will appreciate your thoughtfulness!


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